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Dragon Audit, a Heartfelt Romantic Comedy 3D Adventure, Releases on Sony PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™

In which a battle accountant storms the castle to rescue a princess, but unexpectedly rescues a lonely dragoness instead.

April 15, 2021 - Archive Entertainment has announced their new title, Dragon Audit, is now released on Sony PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ platforms. It is a 3D adventure inspired by classic point & clicks -- mixing comedy, light puzzle solving, and a heartfelt story.

A launch trailer was previously released to showcase the game, which can be viewed at https://youtu.be/7s-9x-bf1Vg

In a world teeming with magic and danger, a city of accountants exists which has sequestered itself behind high walls and generally unacceptable accounting principles. A battle accountant there, George, is assigned the unenviable task of leaving the safety of the city in order to storm a nearby castle, slay the dragon, rescue the princess, and (most importantly) rescue the unpaid tax revenue. Meanwhile, Ayraw (the dragon), is tired of knights showing up to slay her, and is a bit jealous no one ever wants to rescue her. So she concocts a plan to trick George into rescuing her instead of rescuing the princess. Hijinks ensue as the two team up, the unlikely duo slowly growing closer through their shared adventure.

"In the spirit of classic adventure games, Dragon Audit combines lighthearted humor with the undertones of a serious story. You'll get to meet a cast of quirky characters, solve puzzles, find all sorts of jokes in the interactable 3D environment, and explore the backstories of our two protagonists," said Robby Zinchak, the writer and director of the project.

The game retails for $9.99, with a bundle including bonus content available for $14.99. The game has a limited time launch sale available on both new platforms. As of today, the game can be purchased via the following store links (for convenience, these links are also available at the Dragon Audit website).


About Archive Entertainment:
Archive Entertainment is a small indie development team from Washington state, USA. Archive Entertainment's prior title, 8BitMMO, is their most well known with over 900,000 registered users and major awards including Seattle Independent Game Competition Winner and at Tokyo Game Show's Sense of Wonder Night won the award for Best Technological Game. Archive Entertainment hopes to have continued success with their new title, Dragon Audit.

Archive Entertainment was founded by Robby Zinchak. A fourteen-year industry veteran, he was previously a Producer at Microsoft, and has also led game creation at Capcom and Midway. He has been a full time indie for the last nine years, creating titles such as 8BitMMO and March of Industry. He is now leading development on Dragon Audit.


Game Trailer: https://youtu.be/7s-9x-bf1Vg (1080p + 4k video source file also available in the presskit link below)

1) https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/screenshots/cheese%20garden%20-%204k.png 4k or https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/screenshots/cheese%20garden%20-%201080p.jpg 1080p
2) https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/screenshots/date%20-%204k.png 4k or https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/screenshots/date%20-%201080p.jpg 1080p
3) https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/screenshots/DragonAudit%202019-08-26%2022-38-52-65.png 1080p
4) https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/screenshots/pc-inventory.png 1080p
More available at presskit link below.

Website: https://dragonaudit.com/

Additional screenshots, fact sheet, logo, etc: https://dragonaudit.com/presskit/


Press contact: If you have any questions on Dragon Audit, please contact Robby Zinchak of Archive Entertainment at PR@ArchiveEntertainment.com


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